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iPad Pedagogy

The danger, when thinking about iPad pedagogy, is to fall into the trap of looking at a range of apps and consider how they might be used in the classroom. While this is very important I think it is important for schools to get their ‘Why’ right. Why use iPads? Why not use another device?

Fundamentally, I believe that iPad pedagogy stems from your pedagogy about education and where you think it is heading. I believe that we need to prepare how students for a future where everything will be changing rapidly. People will no longer worry how much information you can contain but what you can do with the information that is available to you.

I believe that Education 3.0 is where we are heading.


With this in mind, as educators, we need to ask ourselves which device is going to best meet the needs of this type of environment. An environment where students will be required to create, evaluate, analyse, apply, remember and understand. I believe that the iPad best suits this approach to education.

The biggest benefit to using iPads, that I see, is the ability to be able to create and construct more effectively and easily than you can on other devices. Students can also connect with others more easily as they have two cameras instead of just one, like many other devices.

Once you have a clear vision about ‘Why’ iPads you can then begin to look through this Education 3.0 lens at the plethora of apps that are available to meet your teaching and learning needs. Below is an excellent ‘pedagogy wheel’ to help you decide which apps most effectively meet your requirements.