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Flipping the Flip

Toward the end of Term One I was leading some Professional Development with the staff around using MyPortfolio, the ePortfolio that PNINS Senior Management had chosen to adopt.

Many members of staff who are late adopters of technology began to grumble that they didn’t see the point of using MyPortfolio as they were too difficult to use compared to what they had always done. And yet other members of staff were disengaged because they found the technology extremely easy to use and didn’t see the point of the Professional Development when they thought they knew it all already. My initial thought was, I guess you can’t keep everyone happy all the time… and as Nelson Mandela once said “It is a grave error for any leader to be oversensitive in the face of criticism.”

As I rode my bike home I began to think, would I have been happy if that were a lesson in my class?

Of course not!

I decided that differentiation was the key. The next time I led a Professional Development session I asked some of the earlier adopters to lead small groups. Staff could then choose which ability group they would attend. This worked extremely well! Staff were much more positive about the session and the progress that individuals made was far greater.

As I thought about this approach some more I wondered if there were other classroom techniques that could be applied to Professional Development and staff training.
As I began to research this train of thought I came across the following fascinating article: Continue reading Flipping the Flip